Evoque Owner Issues? Any Problems With 2011 Range Rover Evoques?
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    Evoque Owner Issues? Any Problems With 2011 Range Rover Evoques?

    Now that some of you own Range Rover Evoques. Any problems you have had so far with your Evoque? Do all the features work properly? Any bugs or fit and finish problems? Any engine or transmission problems? Tell all of us here.

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    I conduct a reliability survey that updates promptly four times a year. Would love to have some stats to share for the Evoque--just a matter of how soon we get enough owners involved. Full access to the results for all cars, not just the Evoque, is free for anyone who helps provide the data. Details here:

    Car reliability research

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    Now that some people have had their Evoques for a year, have any issues cropped up?

    More Evoque owners have signed up to help with the survey, but more remain needed to get it included.

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    I have owned my Evoque since June 15 th of this year. Not experienced any problems at all.

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    Angry Needs some work

    I have had mine since December. They have an issue in rain. If you accelerate hard in very wet conditions, the turbo charger will suck in some water, and the result wil be an engine with very little power. They are aware of it, just no fix yet. My automatic hatch decides when it wants to work, the backup camera doesn't come on until after I have finished backing up, and the false sensor warnings when backing up. I must have gotten a vehicle made on Friday or Monday. Oh, and the little thing that holds the rope for the hatch cover broke already, it's plastic.

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    We'll have an initial stat based on a small sample size next month. Thank you, everyone who has been helping.

    This said, a larger sample size would be better--always is!

    To help out:


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