I've owned a 2012 Dynamic for almost two years now, and I live in northern New Jersey. About a month after getting the Evoque, I had aftermarket rims and new tires mounted. I did copious amounts of research online to find a the best all season tires I could afford. I ended up settling on Continential ExtremeContact DWS which seemed to get good reviews everywhere.

However, I've experienced several instances this winter where the SUV lost its traction on a curve or even going straight, and I really thought I would end up crashing into a guardrail or telephone pole. I don't understand how others can have such positive snow driving experiences with these same tires.

Traction-wise, they are fine when trying to get up a snow-covered hill or driveway, in concert with the Evoque's snow traction mode. But other in other instances, they lose grip and the car starts moving in a direction I dont intend it to. Very scary.

Is it possible the tires are overinflated? I know they are not under inflated, because I dont get the TPMS message. I just cant for the life of me figure out why the snow handling is so awful.