Land Rover blocking Range Rover Evoque sales to ‘Dishonest’ buyers
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    Land Rover blocking Range Rover Evoque sales to ‘Dishonest’ buyers

    Land Rover are blocking sales of the Range Rover Evoque in an effort to stem the flow of cars out of the UK from ‘dishonest’ buyers

    Over the last few days we’ve had a number of emails from disgruntled readers who’ve been unable to collect their new Range Rover Evoque from their dealer, despite their Evoque being with the dealer and being paid for in full.

    It transpires that Land Rover are trying to control the supply of the Evoque to businesses and individuals who may sell it on or export it, but their weapon of choice seems to be a bit blunt.

    So far, after just a few phone calls, we’re aware of over 50 Evoques where Land Rover has either cancelled the order or refused to release the car. We asked Land Rover for a statement and they said:

    Land Rover has become aware of some potentially dishonest activity around the multiple purchase and potentially unlawful export of Range Rover Evoques. Land Rover are currently investigating this situation and as a precaution, have quarantined a small number of Range Rover Evoques. This is to protect both Contract hire and Leasing businesses and Land Rover customers who are purchasing vehicles through fair and honest channels.

    It seems significant numbers of petrol-engined Evoques are finding their way out of the UK to other RHD markets – such as Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand – which doesn’t seem to impress Land Rover. In fact, an insider has told Cars UK, Land Rover are considering dropping the petrol Evoque in the UK altogether to stop exports to other markets.

    The problem is that many of those we’ve spoken to aren’t trying to export their Evoques but have been caught in Land Rover’s hastily thrown net, which seems to be hitting both small businesses ordering more than one car and even independent lease companies.

    We hope that Land Rover are only trying to halt exports and not trying stop the sale of any Evoques that may be VAT qualifying in to order control lease and contract hire in the UK. We put that to Land Rover but they are refusing to comment beyond the statement they gave us.

    Which doesn’t help the Cars UK readers who now seem to have been branded ‘dishonest’ by Land Rover.

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    I don't understand why Land Rover is doing this. Just take the money and let people do what they want. If people want to export it let them, it isn't Land Rover's problem.

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    I heard about people exporting them from Los Angeles too.

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    Why not they purchased the car off you.. Whatever they want to do with the car is up to them.. stupid land rover..

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