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Thread: Spotted!!!

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    Range Rover Evoque Spotted Thread

    Post pictures of any Range Rover Evoque's you spotted here, don't forget to include the location.

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    Post when and where you saw another Evoque

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    I saw a black dynamic with a white top today on the 101 in Los Angeles. Waved hi to each other.

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    Saw a white pure evoque right outside my office today. and another black one. Couldn't see whether it was dynamic or prestige also in the parking lot. They seem to be slowly popping up everywhere.

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    While visiting Toronto i managed to see a black Evoque and white Evoque in Toronto`s downtown core. It`s amazing how they look in person, the presence they make at night. I spotted them from a far distance away before they got close to me, defiantly a head turner, can`t wait to get mine.

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    The one I saw on wed was actually the first one Ive seen on the road. I assumed I would have seen more by now but Im glad I dont. I definitely yelled NOOOOOOO!

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    Saw another white one yesterday parking beside me. Man that guy needs to learn to park properly....

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    Ive had my evoque for three months now first time ive seen another is today a while prestige model. Doubt i will be meeting another anytime soon an evoque cost about 145k usd down here damn 200% government luxury tax

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    Saw a black evoque in sandy springs on north atlanta by 400. it was a glimpse so I couldnt really tell if it was a pure prestige or dynamic 3 or 5 door. So far that is the only one ive ever seen in the wild besides mine.

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    Saw one last night while watching "SouthLand" on TNT. Officer Ben Sherman drives a silver 2 Door for his personal ride.

    [IMG]<a href=";current=ben.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>[/IMG]
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