New to the RR family. Love my Evoque but the quirks are starting to drive me crazy. Today I replaced my battery in my 2014 Evoque then proceeded to get groceries and try to open my back tailgate with the remote key fob. It clicked but would not open as usual. After getting home and testing it a bit I found the only way it will open is with button on the dash and ONLY if the car is running. The keyfob makes it click and unlock but it won't lift it at all. And the button inside only works if the car is running. To go along with this my windows would no longer go up automatically when pressed up. This was all new since getting a new battery a couple hours prior. I found on a forum how to reprogram the windows to go up automatically, but I can't figure out how to get the liftgate to work. I feel like it is all related to the battery being disconnected and reconnected. Any ideas? Frustrated. TIA

Stay safe everyone!