Hey everyone,
My 2013 started sputtering during a drive today and very quickly died. I was able to coast off the road and have been checking a few things. First, though, when I hit the ignition switch, it turns over and immediately dies. If I hit the switch and rev the engine, it will stay running over about 4000 RMP; however, if I back off the gas, it sputters and dies. I have checked the MAF by attempting to start the car with the sensor removed, and there was no change. I also read that sometimes a low battery will cause this. I used jumper cables on my Tahoe and attempted to start the car; again, no change.
I want to try other easy/quick fixes that I can do while the car is on the side of the road on the off chance something works so I won't have to have it towed.
Any ideas? The other semi-easy thing to check is the fuel pressure, but I don't know how much good that will do since the engine won't idle.

Any ideas or input are greatly appreciated!!!