First oil change on Evoque?
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    First oil change on Evoque?

    When should I do the first oil change on my Evoque? I have heard that you should do it after 1,000 miles on a newly broken in vehicle... but my dealer doesn't think its necessary.

    What is the best idea here for first oil change on a new Range Evoque?

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    I am in the same boat as you. I just find it incredible that the first service including oil is at 16,000 miles... Mine has 409 miles so im still good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lsberrios1 View Post
    I am in the same boat as you. I just find it incredible that the first service including oil is at 16,000 miles... Mine has 409 miles so im still good!
    wow 16 000 miles, thats quite a lot. along with an oil change what else is included with the first service?

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    I have to get back to u on that because i am still 15600 miles away from it. I just heard somewhere that is was 16000 miles. There should be another adjusment service before that though

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    Check in your passport to service, your salesperson should have gone over it with you. It should be done at 7500 miles.

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    Do you know how much and what is included in the service?

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    Personally I try to do oil changes and transmission oil changes as often as possible. Also try to flush your brakes and coolant often.

    On a brand new vehicle I would service the vehicle right after the break in period, regardless of what the dealer states.

    Now as per the "brake in period" it is debatable how long that should be and how it should be done.

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    Even in the manual it clearly stats 16,000 miles for first service and oil change. My salesman told me to come back within one year regardless if I got to 16,000 or not to get the free first service and oil change. If you wait any longer than the original purchase date for your first service it won't be covered for free. I definitely will not drive 16,000 miles in one year, even though I love driving this car so much, but I will make sure I'm there right before my one year purchase date is up to get everything done for free.
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    I had believed we should change the oil every 3,000 mile and shorter for the first one, too. However, with recent advanced technology both in oil and engine, we don't need to change frequently and they are told as marketing hype. Now I have changed my mind, although 16,000 is a bit longer standard..

    Besides, recent oil monitoring system built in the car should be maintained by the dealers otherwise I'm afraid losing warranty and other maintenance schedule.

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