Help needed what would you do.
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    Help needed what would you do.

    I ll be as breif as possible took delivery of new car 22-12-2011 immediately noticed bad knocking on front reported it booked in for the 20-1-2012 they could nt do it earlier ? during this time the wing mirrors locked up and would nt return from reversing position mode, rattle in steering column, rattle in passenger door pillar ,alarm going of at all hours , unbelievable wind noise from both doors, paint is pitted on on side of tailgate spoiler, the tailgate it s self is so far of centre it s untrue i e inconsitent gaps around perimeter. The dealer had iit for six days and on collection i took it for a test drive with one of there engineers to be told they had changed the front suspension arms ,strutts etc in other words the front suspension on a car that had done 500 miles. They had apparently done all the other problems . however on inspection the paintwork was still poor and the over spray and residue from sanding was still visible they had not done the tailgate as they claimed it was ok until i compared it with a similar model on site, and whilst we were on test the passenger side door trim between the glass and door panel outside had lifted up. to compound all of this the car had niether been cleaned or valeted and they had put 200 miles on the clock which is some test drive . i decided not to accept the car, have a meeting with dealership on the 31-1-2012 what really gets to me is that having had 3 lexus and 5 bmw s in the last 9 years this is the first british made car i ve had in 11 years and to say it sbeen a shock and dissapointment would be an understatement , or was i expecting to much what would any of you guys and dolls do.

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    Wow sorry to hear that. Your case is definitely not normal. Very poor service and the conditions of the car are horrible. My evoque isnt flawless but it only has very minor issues like the insides rattling when the music is a bit loud but thats about it. If I were you I would definitely walk away get rid of it and go back to a lexus or something similar. Hope everything goes well.

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    Well i am an authorized dealer myself best thing you should do is email or write a letter of complaint to LR within 3 months period regarding this quality control problems. I have seen more then once factories replacing a car to maintain their prestige and quality assurance.

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    Agreed. I think you have to get your regional Land Rover rep involved. If your dealer won't help you, you have to take it to his "boss" .

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    Sorry to hear that. A luxury vehicle should never have that many problems and you shouldnt have to deal with a dealership like that. May I ask where you are located?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arrivalanche View Post
    sorry to hear that. A luxury vehicle should never have that many problems and you shouldnt have to deal with a dealership like that. May i ask where you are located?
    i m based in the warwickshire area england

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    Most of the reports that have came out on user RR Evoques have been positive. Your case is definitely an isolated one. I do believe you should return the vehicle. Some sort of reimbursement or incentive should be given to you for all the trouble. Don't give up on the Range Rover Evoque though. It really is a great car. You most likely got the lemon.

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