Range Rover Evoque "offers cheapest running costs in its class"
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    Range Rover Evoque "offers cheapest running costs in its class"

    For those still considering buying an Evoque, here are more reasons to buy one vs the BMW X3 or any other comparable vehicles.

    The Range Rover Evoque has been identified by one publication as having the cheapest running costs in its class, beating competitors from Audi and BMW.

    This is according to calculations performed by Which?, which stated the model should cost under £20,000 in deprecation, fuel, tax and servicing over a three-year period.

    By comparison, BMW's X1 xDrive 20d is expected to set a person back £20,519, while an Audi Q3 2.0 TDI Quattro would cost £21,154 to keep on the road.

    The figure of £19,676 for the Evoque SD4 4x4 Pure five-door is also significantly below the total of £28,450 for the Freelander 2 SD4 GS on which the model is based, the publication noted.

    Depreciation was said to be the biggest factor in this, as Which? stated: "Not only is the Evoque competitively priced against rivals, the in-demand baby Range Rover is predicted to be very sought-after by second-hand car buyers, keeping its used values high."

    Earlier this week, it was also revealed the Evoque was voted as the second best model for professionals on the market by readers of BusinessCar magazine, behind the BMW 1-series.

    Posted by Matthew Davidson

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    This is pretty good. I wonder how much the first service will cost. I guess I'll figure it out when I get there. This is for the diesel version but would it be similar for the 2.0L petrol Evoque?
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    Having cheap running costs for a luxury SUV is important. The fear for most consumers who purchase premium brands like Range Rover is premium prices when it comes to parts and maintenance. I think the simplicity of going for a 4 cylinder turbocharged engine makes the practicality of this car high and the maintenance level low. Service will cost the same as any other Range Rover at the dealership but I am guessing the car requires less maintenance or has cheaper parts. The value of the car holds well after purchase which makes this car a very good buy.

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